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Sustainability & Ethics

Our Brand Ethos

Our brand vision is to create beautiful diamond jewellery, with a mixed metal edge at an affordable price. We believe that jewellery should be timeless and we want our pieces to work for you in years to come and still look fabulous. We offer a repair and gold-plating service so that your jewellery will always look as good as new. Within our core principles, as a business, we strive continually to be ethically responsible along our own supply chain.

The Journey of Our Jewellery

Our jewellery begins its journey in India. The majority of our pieces include pavé-set diamonds. The artisans that create our pieces use melee diamonds that typically weigh less than 0.10 carats and therefore don’t have individual grading reports. In order to ensure our diamonds are conflict free, we only use suppliers that are within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which regulates trade in rough diamonds, to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate jewellery supply chains. This means in practice that every packet of diamonds is tracked from the mine to the point of cutting. Once the stones have been cut and polished the World Diamond Council System of Warranties ensures that the diamond supply chain continues to be protected.

The Jaipur Connection

In Jaipur we use two small factories, each less than fifty employees, that manufacture our diamond pieces. We have a long standing working relationship with our main supplier since we started our business in 2017 and we have known the owner of our second factory for a similar period of time. We have hand picked these smaller factories as they share our core values and treat their workers fairly and with respect. There are absolutely no sweatshops or child labour in our supply chain. Our suppliers operate in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner to minimise adverse impacts on the environment. We’re very proud of the strong relationships we’ve built over the years with our wonderful artisans in Jaipur whom we have visited and checked to create a valuable safeguard in our jewellery chain.

Keeping it in the UK

It was important for us to try and keep as much as we possibly can in the UK. Our London supplier of all our precious metal chains have been chosen by us for the quality of materials that they use and for their corporate social responsibility policy. As a bullion dealer, they are a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council which sets industry standards by promoting responsible ethical human rights, social and environmental practices. All our chains are either 9ct gold or sterling silver. We do not use any cheaper metal alloys such as brass. Much of our jewellery is assembled and plated by our chosen studio in London which is one of the few that holds a Royal Warrant from the King and as such has to maintain the highest standards.

Almost all of our packaging is FSC-certified, which means that our packaging has a past, a present and a future. The jewellery boxes are kind to the environment too, as they are made from mono-material products which means they are both reusable and recyclable.