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Jewellery Care

We hope that you will be able to wear your jewellery and enjoy it for many years to come and with love and care they will remain looking their best. There are many factors that can influence the wear and tear of your jewellery but above all it is important to remember that jewellery is delicate and needs to be looked after. 

Solid Gold

We try to use as much 9 carat gold as possible in our designs. We love working with gold as it really does stand the test of time and won’t discolour or oxidise. Gold, however, does need to be looked after and the following guidelines will help keep it looking beautiful: 

  • Gold is a soft metal and can be susceptible to bumps, scratches, and dents. Be mindful whilst wearing and always remove when playing sport.
  • Don’t wear your jewellery in the bath or shower as a build up of products will leave a soapy film on the gold.
  • When getting ready, please put your jewellery on last as makeup, perfume, hairspray and lotions can damage the appearance of your gold. 
  • Remove your jewellery before getting into a swimming pool or spa, as exposure to chlorine will weaken the gold’s structure and eventually lead to it breaking.
  • Household cleaners with acids or abrasives will damage your jewellery’s finish. We recommend removing your jewellery before using these types of products. 

To ensure that your gorgeous gold jewels continue to sparkle, we recommend cleaning from time to time, which can easily be done at home. All you need to do is add a few drops of mild washing up liquid to a bowl of lukewarm water and soak your solid gold jewellery for about 15 to 30 minutes. Don't use hot or boiling water, especially as your jewellery contains fragile precious stones. Equally, don't use freezing cold water because any dirt will become harder to remove. After soaking, very gently brush with a super soft bristle toothbrush (we use toothbrushes for young children) and remove any hidden grime lodged in nooks and crannies. Next, it’s really important to rinse each piece thoroughly in warm running water to remove any remaining dirt. Finally, lightly blot dry with a soft cloth and let the jewellery sit out on a towel to air dry completely before wearing.

Gold-Plated Sterling Silver

We would love to use 9 carat gold in all our jewellery but as gold is an expensive metal to buy and work with, we find that gold-plating onto solid sterling silver works really well. We always gold-plate onto solid sterling silver and never onto alloy metals such as brass. We gold-plate to at least 2.5 microns so that there is a good heavy gold-plate (standard gold-plating is between 0.5 -1 micron). This ensures that we are striking the perfect balance of a high quality piece at an affordable price. 

We use high quality materials to make our gold-plated items as durable as possible. However, if worn continuously (especially rings) the gold plate can start to wear away after 6 months. This is basic wear and tear that you’ll find happens to all gold-plated jewellery.

Sterling Silver

The nature of sterling silver is that it can oxidise when it comes into contact with air and so gold-plated and silver jewellery can both be prone to tarnishing. This is not a fault and can be easily remedied. We recommend gently rubbing your jewellery with a specialised cleaning cloth to restore its shine and keep it looking at its best


Rare, beautiful and sought after…diamonds truly are forever! Diamonds are the hardest known natural material. However, beware, diamonds can still chip from a hard fall or impact and so take special care when wearing and ensure to keep them safely stored away in their original jewellery box.

To keep your diamonds in sparkling condition we recommend regular cleaning, which can easily be done at home. Use lukewarm water with mild washing up liquid and a very soft toothbrush (the softer the better) to gently clean away any dirt and grime. Then rinse (again in lukewarm water), blot dry and leave to air dry before wearing or storing. Do not soak your jewellery as this can increase the likelihood of the stones loosening. 

We are committed to ensuring that all of the diamonds used in our products are ethically and responsibly sourced.