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The Wedding Guest Edit

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Sold outDiamond Angel Wing EarringsDiamond Angel Wing Earrings
Diamond Angel Wing Earrings Sale price£350.00
Diamond & Ruby Lion BraceletDiamond & Ruby Lion Bracelet
Diamond & Ruby Lion Bracelet Sale price£325.00
Diamond Double-Sided Heart BraceletDiamond Double-Sided Heart Bracelet
Diamond Classic Crescent NecklaceDiamond Classic Crescent Necklace
Diamond Classic Crescent Necklace Sale price£281.25 Regular price£375.00
Diamond Daisy Drop EarringsDiamond Daisy Drop Earrings
Diamond Daisy Drop Earrings Sale priceFrom £195.00
Diamond Moon & Stars Charm BraceletDiamond Moon & Stars Charm Bracelet
Diamond & Ruby Lion NecklaceDiamond & Ruby Lion Necklace
Diamond & Ruby Lion Necklace Sale price£495.00
Diamond & Black Enamel Mini Lock NecklaceDiamond & Black Enamel Mini Lock Necklace
Diamond & Tassel NecklaceDiamond & Tassel Necklace
Diamond & Tassel Necklace Sale price£395.00
Diamond Chunky Star NecklaceDiamond Chunky Star Necklace
Diamond Chunky Star Necklace Sale priceFrom £385.00
Diamond & White Enamel Chunky Star NecklaceDiamond & White Enamel Chunky Star Necklace
Diamond & Black Enamel Flower Coin NecklaceDiamond & Black Enamel Flower Coin Necklace
Sold outDiamond & Red Enamel Strawberry NecklaceDiamond & Red Enamel Strawberry Necklace
Diamond Lightning Bolt NecklaceDiamond Lightning Bolt Necklace
Diamond Moon & Star EarringsDiamond Moon & Star Earrings
Diamond Moon & Star Earrings Sale price£250.00
Diamond Fan BraceletDiamond Fan Bracelet
Diamond Fan Bracelet Sale price£250.00
Diamond Lightning Bolt EarringsDiamond Lightning Bolt Earrings
Diamond & Malachite Chunky Star NecklaceDiamond & Malachite Chunky Star Necklace
Diamond Horseshoe Spike NecklaceDiamond Horseshoe Spike Necklace
Sold outDiamond & Silver Chunky Star NecklaceDiamond & Silver Chunky Star Necklace
Diamond & White Enamel Egg NecklaceDiamond & White Enamel Egg Necklace
Diamond & Gold Star StudsDiamond & Gold Star Studs
Diamond & Gold Star Studs Sale priceFrom £160.00
Diamond Star HoopsDiamond Star Hoops
Diamond Star Hoops Sale price£225.00
Mixed Precious Stone Rainbow Huggie HoopsMixed Precious Stone Rainbow Huggie Hoops
Diamond and Golden Apple NecklaceDiamond and Golden Apple Necklace
Diamond Bar and Hoop EarringsDiamond Bar and Hoop Earrings
Diamond & Silver Lightning Bolt NecklaceDiamond & Silver Lightning Bolt Necklace
Sold outDiamond & Turquoise Enamel Chunky Star NecklaceDiamond & Turquoise Enamel Chunky Star Necklace
Diamond Cushion Heart NecklaceDiamond Cushion Heart Necklace
Diamond & Malachite Silver Chunky Star NecklaceDiamond & Malachite Silver Chunky Star Necklace
Diamond & Silver Chunky Lock NecklaceDiamond & Silver Chunky Lock Necklace
Diamond Snake & Double-Sided Star NecklaceDiamond Snake & Double-Sided Star Necklace
Sold outDiamond Claw & Amethyst NecklaceDiamond Claw & Amethyst Necklace
Diamond Starburst HoopsDiamond Starburst Hoops
Diamond Starburst Hoops Sale price£250.00
Sold outDiamond & Silver Tassel NecklaceDiamond & Silver Tassel Necklace
Diamond & White Gold Starburst NecklaceDiamond & White Gold Starburst Necklace
Diamond & White Gold Evil Eye NecklaceDiamond & White Gold Evil Eye Necklace
Diamond Cushion Heart Link NecklaceDiamond Cushion Heart Link Necklace
Mixed Precious Stone Rainbow & Silver Huggie HoopsMixed Precious Stone Rainbow & Silver Huggie Hoops
Sold outDiamond Claw & Amethyst Bracelet
Diamond & Silver Snake & Double-Sided Star NecklaceDiamond & Silver Snake & Double-Sided Star Necklace