We began to offer this as we ourselves needed to get our favourite pieces re-plated from time to time, depending on wear and tear. Of course, like all jewellery brands, we advise that you remove your jewellery in bath, shower, sea, gym, and of course gold-plated jewellery will fade in time, and even 9ct pieces can get a little soapy! However, we realised that it’s easy to forget and we liked this idea that when you buy from us it’s actually just the start of a beautiful relationship!

So in line with our ethos of Now & FOREVER jewellery, the KLM Sparkle service means that you can get in touch anytime if you think your sparkles need some TLC:


Re-plate & Sparkle Up

If your gold-plated piece has faded due to natural wear and tear, such as because you’ve worn it in the shower everyday or not taken it off to swim, we’ll re-plate it for free within the first 12 months of purchase – and for £30 + postage per time after that.

Gold: Clean & Sparkle Up

We’ll give your gold pieces a deep clean and a jewellery MOT to get them looking as good as new for £15 + postage.

Silver: Polish & Sparkle Up

Silver naturally tarnishes over time so we will give your pieces a thorough polish to bring the sparkle back for £15 + postage.

Once you’ve decided on what service you’d like, send us an email at info@kirstielemarque.com with the reference 'SPARKLE SERVICE' and we will take it from there.