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The Berry Tones Edit

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Diamond Cosmic Star NecklaceDiamond Cosmic Star Necklace
Diamond Cosmic Star Necklace Sale price£275.00
Sold outDiamond & Ruby Bead BraceletDiamond & Ruby Bead Bracelet
Diamond & Ruby Bead Bracelet Sale priceFrom £325.00
Diamond Starburst HoopsDiamond Starburst Hoops
Diamond Starburst Hoops Sale price£250.00
Diamond & Gold Starburst NecklaceDiamond & Gold Starburst Necklace
Diamond Claw & Pearl NecklaceDiamond Claw & Pearl Necklace
Diamond Cosmic Star BraceletDiamond Cosmic Star Bracelet
Diamond Cosmic Star Bracelet Sale price£275.00
Sold outDiamond & Sapphire Bead BraceletDiamond & Sapphire Bead Bracelet
Diamond & Sapphire Bead Bracelet Sale priceFrom £325.00
Diamond Claw & Pearl Drop BraceletDiamond Claw & Pearl Drop Bracelet
Sold outDiamond Daisy & Emerald Bead NecklaceDiamond Daisy & Emerald Bead Necklace
Diamond Claw & Pink Opal NecklaceDiamond Claw & Pink Opal Necklace
Diamond Claw & Amethyst NecklaceDiamond Claw & Amethyst Necklace
Diamond & White Gold Starburst NecklaceDiamond & White Gold Starburst Necklace
Diamond Daisy & Pink Opal Beaded AnkletDiamond Daisy & Pink Opal Beaded Anklet
Diamond Daisy & Pink Opal Bead NecklaceDiamond Daisy & Pink Opal Bead Necklace
Diamond Horn & Pearl Drop EarringsDiamond Horn & Pearl Drop Earrings
Diamond Silver Cosmic Star NecklaceDiamond Silver Cosmic Star Necklace
Diamond Daisy & Aquamarine Beaded AnkletDiamond Daisy & Aquamarine Beaded Anklet
Diamond Horn HoopsDiamond Horn Hoops
Diamond Horn Hoops Sale price£225.00
Diamond & Silver Cosmic Star BraceletDiamond & Silver Cosmic Star Bracelet
Sold outDiamond Daisy & Emerald Beaded AnkletDiamond Daisy & Emerald Beaded Anklet
Diamond Daisy & Garnet Beaded Anklet
Diamond Horn & Pearl Drop NecklaceDiamond Horn & Pearl Drop Necklace
Diamond Claw & Amethyst Bracelet
Sold outDiamond Claw & Pink Opal Bracelet