Diamond & Jasper with Pyrite Natural Bead Bracelet

This beautifully unusual combination of jasper and pyrite occurs naturally in the rock formation, so you can double up on the added benefits of each stone’s healing properties. Jasper is said to give powerful protection against that which is not good for you, and to relieve emotional stress. Pyrite is a protective stone, shielding the wearer from negative energy and physical danger. The bracelet comes with a pavé diamond bead to add subtle sparkle. Our beaded bracelets are strung on high quality elastic so that they can be very easily taken on and off. Please note that due to the varying shades of the gemstones, each bracelet is different and may look different to the photo.


Diamond weight of bead: 0.62 carats
Jasper & pyrite bead size: 7 x 8 mm

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