Why Did You Choose These Pieces From KLM?

It was very hard to choose as every KLM piece is incredibly beautiful and special. I’m very drawn to malachite, and stars represent unending magic and expansiveness, so the malachite star was a natural choice.

The shape of the diamond horseshoe spike necklace, reminds me of a hair piece that Princess Aurora wears in the Royal Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty, and I’m a huge ballet fan. I just love the form of this precious piece, which is both elegant and dynamic.

The tassel necklace is one of those genius items of jewellery which layers beautifully with other necklaces, alongside being a stand out piece on its own. The tassels are lovely and tactile, so it’s ideal for anyone like me, who finds comfort in touching their jewellery when wearing it.

I chose the mixed precious stone rainbow huggie hoops as I wear a lot of colour, and having a pair of earrings like this, that will work with the majority of your wardrobe is a wise investment.


What Made You Want to Become a Makeup Artist?

I had wanted to be a make up artist since the age of about 17, but I had no idea how to do it, so it took me another 11 years to finally get there. I’ve always been artistic and creative, and love the transformative quality of make up. Film, theatre and fashion were always so inspiring to me, and I’m a people person, so being a make up artist just felt like my natural path in life. 

What is Your Favourite Makeup Look You Have Done on a Client?

I was honoured to do my friend Saima’s wedding make up. When she married, she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and had been worried she wouldn’t be able to cover a skin condition, which was a side effect of her treatment. After the make up trial, she was so thrilled and relieved that we both cried. It meant she didn’t need to worry about how she looked on her wedding day. It was the least I could do for her. Saima was instrumental in bringing cancer awareness to her community and to young people. She was 29 when she got diagnosed. As you can imagine, her wedding was an incredibly special and emotional day, and although it’s heartbreaking she’s no longer with us, I treasure that time we had together.

Have You Always Wanted to Write a Book?

Writing hadn’t occurred to me until I was asked to write the make up chapter in Neals Yard Remedies Beauty Book a few years ago. Having been an ethical make up artist for over a decade, I knew there was a lot of knowledge I could share regarding cruelty free, vegan and sustainable beauty. Writing my own book became more of a reality, as the popularity of this area of the beauty industry increased, and more people really needed good solid information. However, even though a book agent agreed to sign me up as an author, I lacked the confidence. It was only when a publisher directly approached me, that I knew I had to jump into the void and write my book. 

'Sustainable Beauty' by Justine Jenkins.

What Are Your Tips to Be More Sustainable?

Reduce. It’s the simplest and most impactful act you can do to be more sustainable. Not just in beauty, but across all areas of consumption. Generally, the West is incredibly wasteful and we produce and consume far too many products. It’s all about awareness, and my book ‘Sustainable Beauty’ will provide you with all the knowledge you need to become an ethical buyer. When we know better, we do better.

What Women Inspire You?

The women that inspire me are ahead of their time, have a uniqueness and a fearless nature. Women like the war photographer Lee Miller, and actress Mae West who was an incredible vaudeville performer, didn’t become a Hollywood star until she was 40, wrote her own lines, was a crusader for sexual openness and anti censorship, and penned her own risqué plays and books about sexual freedom. She went to prison defending her work. 

Describe Your Style?

Vintage with a modern twist? Does that sound cheesy? I love pure vintage style, but I also enjoy creativeness and innovation. Always with a touch of glamour. 

Gold or Silver?

When I was younger it was silver, and now it’s gold. It also depends on the piece and the look you are after. I prefer jewellery influenced by indigenous cultures to be in silver, as well as Art Deco inspired pieces. Gold looks fabulous layered, and feels like an heir loom. It has a luxurious but gentle quality when set with diamonds, as opposed to the full on sparkle when paired with silver or platinum due to the similarity in tone.

What Was the First Piece of Jewellery That Had Meaning?

When I was a child, I was given a necklace with a small gold cross by my grandmother. I adored her and I adored that necklace. It always reminded me of her whenever I wore it. That was the first time I realised just how powerful a piece of jewellery can be, that it has its own energy. To feel that connection to her when I wore my necklace, to me it became a priceless treasure. 

What Piece of Jewellery Can You Not Live Without?

I know I’m cheating, but it’s impossible for me to choose just one. I have my grandmothers engagement ring, and 2 diamonds that my family gifted me for my 40th birthday. Years later, I have yet to design a piece of jewellery with them, so technically they’re not yet jewellery, but I would feel bereft without them. My partner Lee knows how much I love jewellery, and is genius at choosing pieces for me. He gifted me an eternity ring and a diamond pendant that I am in love with. I also think it’s lovely to treat yourself, and a few years ago I gifted myself an octagonal shaped diamond band ring which I never remove. Alongside investment pieces, I also love my Bakelite bangles and collection of insect costume jewellery. My vintage Bulter and Wilson spider brooches are a particular favourite.

You can learn more about Justine on Instagram @justinejenkins and find her book, 'Sustainable Beauty: Volume 3: Practical advice and projects for an eco-conscious beauty routine' here.