At Kirstie Le Marque, inspiration is everything. And because of that, we’ve always loved connecting with artists and illustrators who provide a point of difference and a heavy dose of inspiration.

During lockdown, we came across Rachel Spelling, an incredible mural artist who found her work taking on a different twist during COVID-19. Having been used to wide open spaces and large walls, Rachel noticed that her art – and the world around her – needed to shrink. The result? Tiny and beautifully intricate paintings that she did on the inside of the famous Farrow and Ball colour charts. From the first time our founders Kirstie and Claire clapped eyes on Rachel’s pieces, they were hooked – and knew that they wanted to create something together. The result is a series of incredibly delicate and beautifully detailed pieces of wildly atmospheric art, created to represent the next 12 months and made to complement some of our most-loved Kirstie Le Marque sparkles.
Diamond Chunky Star Necklace
Diamond & Black Enamel Flower Coin Necklace
Diamond Angel Wing Earrings
Diamond & Turquoise Enamel Chunky Star Necklace