Our Favourite Stylist | Angie Smith

Six Questions with our stylist to the stars

Angie Smith is the London-based stylist behind the much-coveted daily wardrobe for countless celebrities including national treasure, Holly Willoughby, who she  dresses for all her TV shows, shoots and red carpet appearances. Her original selections always ensure her clients regularly appear on the best dressed lists.

Angie’s own personal style is effortlessly cool and has long been an inspiration at Kirstle Le Marque HQ. We were thrilled to spend an afternoon with her at her London home, talking about how she makes jewellery work when planning an outfit.

How would you describe your personal style?
I’m a jeans and sweatshirt girl at heart and always wear trainers. I do love a dress though or basically any item that I can get away wearing with trainers.

Where do you start when planning an outfit?
I like to think about how the person I’m dressing wants to feel when they are wearing it.

What jewellery do you reach for everyday?
I’m a big fan of your Diamond Chunky Lock Necklace. It’s chunky but understated chain looks great over a vintage tee and blazer and has definitely become a jewellery staple of mine.

What do you like about the Kirstie Le Marque brand?
I love how the pieces feel aged and pre-loved, the gold is the perfect tone and the black setting of the diamond pieces plays down what could otherwise be something that would feel too OTT for me.

How do you use jewellery to lift an outfit and how would you style your chosen pieces?
I’m definitely someone who never takes their jewellery off so all the pieces that I wear have to work with my day-to-day uniform, it’s only when I’m on holiday that I wear extra pieces depending on my outfit.

What are you wearing and what are you drinking in your perfect cocktail hour?!
I’m wearing an orange lace Alessandra Rich gown and drinking a margarita on the Rocks.