Behind The Scenes Of Our WYLDE MOON X KLM Photoshoot

Today we’re taking you behind the scenes of our first ever WYLDE MOON x Kirstie Le Marque photoshoot – a day filled with excitement, sparkles and much hilarity. We chose the London location house based on its vintage-inspired aesthetic, which matched that of our designs, and were blown away by its Parisian-style beauty. Everything about it worked perfectly for what we were hoping to achieve for the shoot; its huge windows, high ceilings, gold details, glorious light. 

Holly wears Diamond Moonflower Necklace

It was also the first time that we’d had the entire collection in one place and ready to share with Holly, which was a huge moment for all of us as Love You to the Moon & Back had been over a year in the making. We’d been going back and forth on designs with Holly, perfecting them over time, so to see them all together as one collection was incredibly exciting. 

Holly wears Diamond & Moonstone Drop Earrings with Moon & Starburst Studs

It was also our first time working with the completely exceptional Jon Gorrigan, who has worked with Holly multiple times over the years and who captured our sparkles – and Holly – so beautifully and so uniquely. 

“The whole shoot was just fabulous from start to finish. Seeing the sparkles in one place was a hugely seminal moment and having Jon there to capture it all just tied everything together so well. We’re all so pleased with how this shoot turned out and how it so beautifully represents Love You to the Moon & Back.” – Holly

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