Daily Diamonds

Looking for diamonds that you can wear everywhere and not just for special occasions? Here at KLM, while we do of course treasure the pieces that we wear for those amazing special moments, we’re also all about the concept of daily diamonds: fuss-free sparkles that can fit into whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re wearing.

The gym, lunch with the girls, walk with your kids, date night with your partner – and every moment in between. Which are your daily diamonds?

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Lunch with the girls

Two beautiful pieces, both on 9ct chains. The Brilliant Sun with it's double-sided diamond rays and the Evil Eye with its delicate pop colour. It's your choice of either Emerald or Sapphire precious stones.

Hit the gym

A rock & roll Lightning Bolt necklace and classic chunky star, both available in solid 9ct gold chains. So easy, so effortless.

Meeting at work

Diamond Pear or Apple necklace, one sitting on a fine 9ct gold chain, the other on a diamond cut, gold-plated belcher chain. Add Diamond Heart Hoops for that extra sparkle.